Cronulla Sharks 2024

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Cronulla Sharks 2024

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Cronulla Sharks’ recruitment issue, halves puzzle, positional battles

Cronulla are in a really crucial period coming into 2024. They had reasonable success in Craig Fitzgibbon’s first year as an NRL head coach but were knocked out of the finals in straight sets. Last season they scraped into the top eight and fizzled out quickly. They have to be careful not to go backwards again, but with no real recruitment of which to speak, they have to find a way to do it with the same squad.

Best 17

1 Will Kennedy
2 Sione Katoa
3 Jesse Ramien
4 Siosifa Talakai
5 Ronaldo Mulitalo
6 Braydon Trindall
7 Nicho Hynes
8 Toby Rudolf
9 Blayke Brailey
10 Braden Hamlin Uele
11 Briton Niukore
12 Teig Wilton
13 Cameron McInnes

14 Jack Williams
15 Royce Hunt
16 Thomas Hazleton
17 Dale Finucane

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Don Furner
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Re: Cronulla Sharks 2024

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Sharks predicted Round 1 team and 2024 overview

Cronulla haven’t had too much trouble making the top eight in recent seasons, but they haven’t been able to win a finals match since 2018, something they will be looking to rectify in 2024.

Predicted Round 1 team

1. Will Kennedy
2. Sione Katoa
3. Jesse Ramien
4. Siosifa Talakai
5. Ronaldo Mulitalo
6. Braydon Trindall
7. Nicho Hynes
8. Toby Rudolph
9. Blayke Brailey
10. Braden Hamlin-Uele
11. Briton Nikora
12. Teig Wilton
13. Dale Finucane

14. Cameron McInnes
15. Oregon Kaufusi
16. Royce Hunt
17. Jack Williams

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Re: Cronulla Sharks 2024

Post by LimeGreenMachine »

Dale Finucane has announced his immediate retirement due to his recent concussions.
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