Josh Hodgson: Maybe talk to us?

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Josh Hodgson: Maybe talk to us?

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Maybe talk to us? Canberra Raiders skipper Josh Hodgson says NRL should listen to players on fatigue

MC: A lot's been said about the spike of injuries over the weekend. Your Raiders were affected as much as anyone. What are your thoughts? Is their increased likelihood of injury because you’re fatigued from playing more footy?

JH: It could be that. Or it could be just a freak couple of rounds. There was talk last year about the speed of the game being what caused the spike in long-term injuries. There was also travelling up and back on the day. Last year it was wait and see to see what injuries would be like this year. And now there’s been a fair few already again. If it’s constantly on this trend, all signs could point to the speed of the game. Or, again, it could be just a crazy couple of weeks and everyone's panicking. It’s important we don’t panic. But if it continues on this trend then in all likelihood [increased injuries] could be linked to the speed of the game.

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