The Greenhouse - Over 70,000 followers!

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The Greenhouse
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The Greenhouse - Over 70,000 followers!

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The Greenhouse - Over 70,000 followers!


Today, we're pleased to announce that The Greenhouse now has over 70,000 followers! More than 70,200 to be exact.

We have now been serving Canberra Raiders and rugby league fans for over 15 years. We now have over 3,600 members of In 2019, the site had over 27,000 unique users of the site on average per month - with a monthly peak over 40,000 users. The site averaged almost 1 million page views per month - with a monthly peak of over 1.5 million.

The Greenhouse Facebook page now has more than 35,000 likes... and over 48,000 followers on Facebook. We also have over 8,000 on Twitter and 7,000 on Instagram. On all our social media platforms, including Pinterest, we have now broken through the 70,000 followers mark.

Whenever big news breaks, it is The Greenhouse the supporters come to. And whenever people want to know what Raiders fans are thinking, it is The Greenhouse they come to.

It's thanks to you, the members and followers of The GH, for continuing to make The Greenhouse the number one Canberra Raiders supporters website!

2020 could have been a whole lot better so far... let's hope it ends in that elusive premiership for the Green Machine!

The Greenhouse Team



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Re: The Greenhouse - Over 70,000 followers!

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68,274 of those are Lucy
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Re: The Greenhouse - Over 70,000 followers!

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Damn I just realised Ive been a member for 12 years!
Good job GE, and all the Mods who keep this place ship shape
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Re: The Greenhouse - Over 70,000 followers!

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Congrats to all involved, I truly appreciate all you do

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