Round 1 review

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Round 1 review

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The English

1 - George Williams - confident, great defence limited opportunity in attack - will touch on that soon. Well played I think he will fit in well for us.

2 - Elliott Whitehead - he is great, jb gets all the credit but tbh if I only have one of ew and jb it is a very close call for me, where maybe I take ew. I don’t know. I like how he goes about his business in both attack and defence.

3 - Josh H - it’s hard for me to judge because I don’t know if our conservative play is Ricky or josh. Eitherway a good game, though if you get a play the ball between 8- 15 m out it should go to wighton or George every time. Not horsbrough. Hopefully this improves. Also ball needs to hit George more on the last and he needs to kick more, we go to wighton on the last to much.

4 - cotric - needs more touches but looked in really good Nic defensively.

5 - Corey h - second favourite middle behind papalii . I really like our rotation of guler papa and Corey.. then Lui or whomever..

6 - Jacky Boi - besides his tries - I really like how engaged in the game he was... keeps going like this he may be the first one picked for nsw.

All around although it wasn’t the most expansive game ( and we don’t play expansive) getting the win and getting it pretty worry free is fantastic!!!

Though there was a season where we flogged the sharks in round 1 then lost 29 in a row... Hopefully we keep up the good work!!

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