The green drumming machine

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The green drumming machine

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The green drumming machine

Simon Tayoun is the Canberra Raiders’ drummer and super-fan. He leads Raiders fans, dressed in his green viking helmet and cape-like Raiders flag.

Q: There’s a special post-game tradition, with Sia (Iosia Soliola) joining Raiders fans after a win, banging your drum and leading an impromptu Viking Clap. How did that start? Did it happen naturally, or was it something that Sia or the club planned as a way to celebrate with the fans?

A: Surprisingly, it wasn’t planned by Sia, the club or even myself. It happened naturally. It was at a home game, and I happened to call Sia over to the grandstand after a win. I called him over and asked him to bang the drum for the crowd and together we started an impromptu Viking Clap. Whilst there weren’t many people around at the time, I noticed that everyone who was there enjoyed it, as the fans were thanking me for calling Sia over.

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