Can anyone help with a Raiders retail headache ?

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Gerry De La Cruz
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Can anyone help with a Raiders retail headache ?

Post by ClydeRhino »

I am an English rugby league fan currently on holiday in Queensland and a big Raiders fan, naturally, given the contribution of John Bateman and the boys in 2019.

It has just come to my attention that there is a new book about the history of Canberra Raiders on sale Absolutely Bleeding Green.

My aim was to buy it from the club, not an online bookstore, so that the Raiders would benefit. I signed up to the retail site, ordered the book and paid for it and also for express delivery thinking it would come to my apartment here before my departure.

BUT only after ordering did I discover, to my horror, that the Raiders retail shop is closed until 13 January 2020 - by which time I will be on my way home.

Does anyone have a contact at the club who could deal with this order sooner than that please ? I realise it's the holiday period but I'd be grateful for any comeback on this matter.

Alternatively, might someone possibly have a copy of the book and be prepared to dispatch it here and take my order as replacement ? It's big ask but I live in hope. Thanks for reading.

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Don Furner
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Re: Can anyone help with a Raiders Retail headache ?

Post by greeneyed »

Raiders HQ is shut... there'll be no one there. Your best bet is to send a message to and explain your problem, details of the order, and ask that it be despatched to your address in England. Provided it hasn't been sent already before the shut down, that should catch it.

If you've put in the order after cob Friday 20 December, they definitely won't have sent it yet... and the site indicates that orders made on or after Wednesday 18 December may not be despatched until after 13 January.

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Re: Can anyone help with a Raiders retail headache ?

Post by magoo »

If worse comes to worst would it be possible to redirect it to my address and I will be able to arrange to have sent to you in the UK?
Send me a PM and I will give you my phone number.

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Re: Can anyone help with a Raiders retail headache ?

Post by raiderskater »

Yeah, I'd be more than happy to send it on to you if you can only redirect it to an Australian address.
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Re: Can anyone help with a Raiders retail headache ?

Post by yurithe1 »

Can you get the apartment owner/manager to froward it to you if it's already on its way?
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