Third party agreements

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David Shillington
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Third party agreements

Post by Vintagecrop »

It's been interesting to follow the discussion through the last few seasons around the salary cap (TPA disadvantages) for the Raiders, and then the Roosters/Broncs/Storm (relative advantages). I have no insights, nor any great expertise, but for those that are interested, Rugby Union has been embroiled in a cap scandal in recent days, involving the dominant team in European Rugby, Saracens (Champions Cup winners: 2016, 2017 and 2019) that gives an insight into how investments were channeled to players - outside the confines of the salary cap.

It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that these particular strategies are employed wherever there is a cap to be negotiated.

The following article is behind a paywall, but if you register you'll get it for free. Some interesting analogies here (I commend you to the discussion of peak bull) and the NRL gets a mention.

Otherwise, just Google 'Saracens'. Plenty there to consider in the context of player remuneration and manipulation of the rules. ... 67458.html

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Don Furner
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Re: Third party agreements

Post by greeneyed »

Been nearly 12 months since the NRL revealed the 2018 TPAs. Will be interesting if the NRL reveals them again, or if transparency is only important when you’re under media pressure.

Billy Walker
David Furner
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Re: Third party agreements

Post by Billy Walker »

I wouldn’t think you need to be an evil mastermind to get around the cap/TPA arrangements. I see it was announced yesterday that Cronk is taking up a coaching role with GWS Giants next year. While I have no reason to think it’s in anyway dodgy, how would anyone know if the deal was agreed and funded by uncle Nick under the table 12 or 24 months ago? It might be possible to consider market value of someone like Rapana playing in Japanese rugby but who keeps tabs on whether wives, girlfriends, siblings or parents are being paid massive overs for Mickey Mouse 2 hour a fortnight jobs as coffee samplers at the local cafe. I doubt it would be too difficult to sneak around the system.

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Laurie Daley
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Re: Third party agreements

Post by edwahu »

So from what I understand Saracens cheated massively to win the previous two comps and their punishment doesn't even include stripping those comps? At least the NRL got that part right with the Storm.

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Mal Meninga
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Re: Third party agreements

Post by Seiffert82 »

It's a really hard thing to monitor without publishing details of every contract and getting the ATO involved (which is not their job).

It is pretty clear that clubs like the Storm, Broncos and Roosters have systematically rorted the cap over the years. Some investigations have led to penalties and some have been abandoned because clubs have been ruthless enough to throw employees under a bus to hide evidence (ala Andrew Gee at the Broncos).

All of these clubs have had access to highly financed business people and/or leagues clubs that have been used to funnel payments to players in very underhanded ways. Clubs will always find a way to cheat to win.

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