Pick the score 2024

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Pick the score 2024

Post by RaiderSpark »

Hello, I tried contacting Smudge as he ran this contest last year but unfortunately he didn't get back to me. So I asked GE if I could run it this year and he approved. I’ll just run it again with Smudge’s rules from last year:

You are picking the score for the Raiders game each week. We have also decided to include the three State Of Origin games as well.

Nominate the winning team, your predicted score and who you think the first try scorer (FTS) will be, for example: Raiders 48 Panthers 4 FTS Guler

The first try scorer can be from either team.

Your score pick need not be unique. Pick whatever score you want.

The deadline for submitting picks will be the advertised kick-off time. Any later and your pick will be disqualified.


The top 10 closest picks that correctly select the winning team, will be allocated points from 10 to 1. Closest pick gets 10 points, 2nd closest 9 points...etc.

If less than 10 people picked the winning team then the remaining points will be allocated to those who picked the losing team, based on their pick accuracy.

Closest picks are calculated on the difference from picked score to actual score for each team. Lowest difference wins.

8 bonus points for correctly picking the actual final score.
3 points if your nominated try scorer was the player that scored the first try of the game.
1 point for each try scored by your nominated try scorer, that was not the first try of the game.

That's it. Get those picks in!

Note: Please don't post your picks on this thread, wait for the 'Round 1 - Pick The Score' topic.

Round 1 post coming soon....
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