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Raider Bell
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by Raider Bell »

I imagine he'd become the alpha male, banishing GE forever to moderate some crappy site like LU.
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Big Jack
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by Big Jack »

How many posts to become Josh McCrone?
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The Nickman
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by The Nickman »

2012 Golden Boogs Newbie of the Year
2013 'Nella Awards Best Punter
2013 Boogs Thread of the Year ~ The Betting Thread
2014 Boogs Matthew Elliott Award Winner
2014 Boogs some award with Hanbush
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by -TW- »

Whenever you fire a post into someone's head
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Laurie Daley
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by gangrenous »

However many Rodman has.
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Gary Belcher
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by Rick »

Tim W wrote:Whenever you fire a post into someone's head
I like this

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Re: Posting ranks

Post by -GD- »

How many posts before im 'Greeneyed'?
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Glenn Lazarus
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by Mullins_y2k »

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Don Furner
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by greeneyed »

Test what?
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by bonehead »

Test pattern
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by Archer »

So, when do we add JC to this? Whenever we do, you can go ahead and set my rank to him... always.
Thanks in advance
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Steve Walters
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by Makaveli »

I think its time for Toots Jnr to be inducted into the rankings
Gerry De La Cruz
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Re: Posting ranks

Post by colin.copeland51 »

So this is how it works [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

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