Canberra Raiders Fans' Choice Player of the Year

All the results of voting for the Canberra Raiders Fans' Choice Player of the Year

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Canberra Raiders Fans' Choice Player of the Year

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Canberra Raiders Fans' Choice Player of the Year


The Fans' Choice Player of the Year was run for the first time in 2004, allowing the fans to vote on who they believed was the best Canberra Raiders player of the season. Conducted on a 3-2-1 voting style similar to many awards that recognise individual player excellence, the inaugural winner was Raiders superstar Ruben Wiki.

A trophy was struck in that first year and a presentation was made to Ruben following the final match of the season. This has helped forge what is now a strong tradition, and the Fans' Choice Player of the Year award has since exploded in popularity. The original trophy was designed to be a perpetual one, but since 2009 the winning player has received their own individual trophy.

The award was presented in conjunction with the Raiders Army for a number of years, but with the Raiders Army discontinuing at the end of 2011, The Greenhouse site will now be the sole sponsor of the award. As a result, as of 2011, The Greenhouse now hosts the history of the award and all the records of voting.

Award rules

The Fans' Choice Player of the Year award is determined by a fan-based poll on The Greenhouse site. Every week during the NRL season, Raiders fans vote at The Greenhouse as to who they thought were the standout players for that match. Votes are tallied each week and it all adds up over the matches the Raiders play in the regular season to find our winner.

How it works:

• Fans who are registered on The Greenhouse vote after the completion of that round's match. Voting opens after the game and closes mid-week.

• Each voter has 6 points they can allocate for their weekly votes. The maximum any player can be awarded is 3 points; however each voter can divide their points up as they please (eg 3-2-1, 3-1-1-1, 2-2-2 etc)

• Points are tallied and the three highest vote-getters receive 3, 2 and 1 points respectively. These points accumulate each week over the course of the season.

• Voting is only for the course of the regular season (finals excluded).

• In the event of a tie in any given week, the player with the most '3' votes will be declared the winner. If that statistic is equal, then the most '2' votes are used and so on. No more than 6 points can be awarded for each match, that is, if countbacks cannot split players, then half points may be awarded.

• In the event of an overall tie for the year, the same rules applied up until 2011 - the most individual man of the match awards was declared the winner on countback. From 2012, it was decided that joint winners would be declared.

• If a winner cannot be determined by these means the voting group will be polled to ask for a winner.
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