POLL: Strongest 2020 line up: Wingers

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Who should be the starting wingers in 2021?

Jordan Rapana
Bailey Simonsson
Harley Smith-Shields
Matt Timoko
Semi Valemei
Total votes: 70

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Don Furner
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Re: POLL: Strongest 2020 line up: Wingers

Post by greeneyed »

Jordan Rapana and Bailey Simonsson take out this poll.
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Jason Croker
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Re: POLL: Strongest 2020 line up: Wingers

Post by BadnMean »

Not surprised Simo took it out, he was my pick. but it's also one of the spots I have a feeling Ricky really is very open minded on- there's a few potential bolters there.
Simon Woolford
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Re: POLL: Strongest 2020 line up: Wingers

Post by mick63 »

Wiki Special wrote: January 8, 2021, 9:37 pm I think Rapana definitely deserves first crack, but I can't help but think how potent he'd be for next season as a bench utility playing 30 minutes through the middle.
I’m on board with Rapana as a bench utility.
Leave valamei and simmonsen on the wings.The former played pretty well in the hardest most competitive part of last season and bailey looks to have comeback in good condition.
Rick has a plethora of options as ball players in the middle and edge and with CNK and Rapana poking around there is a dual threat.
Rapana has the knack of sniffing an opportunity and has the belief to back himself which is vital if we are going to take the next step and cash in on the murderers row of talent in the pack.

Interesting to see if Rick plays it safe and keeps three middles on the bench with Starling
I hope not.
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