Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

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Re: Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by Seiffert82 »

With the reported 10% cut to the 2021 salary cap, it's not even remotely feasible to actively recruit a third or fourth string halfback that can be expected to guide the team to a premiership.

The Roosters are cutting Flanagan because even he couldn't do it with the assistance of Tedesco and Keary. To that extent, the first string halfback for many teams wouldn't be regarded as capable of delivering a premiership. It's a ridiculous argument.
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Re: Sam Williams reportedly targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by afgtnk »

Botman wrote: October 15, 2020, 3:47 pm
afgtnk wrote: October 15, 2020, 1:20 pm
Botman wrote: October 15, 2020, 11:55 am Im not worried about the back up half situation. I disagree with aksakaa on this in that most clubs arent rocking a back up half they think they can win the comp with. The reality of all the top clubs is if their chief play makers go down, then their season is in dire trouble.
The panthers might have Burton as a back up, but no one thinks they're winning the comp with Burton in for Laui, and certainly not Cleary. The Roosters season ultimately ended on the fact they're replacements for Cronk actually didnt end up being good enough. Souths dont have anyone that gives them a chance beyond Reynolds and Walker. Melbourne are a little different in that Smith does a lot of halves work but their backs up beyond Hughes and Munster have proven to be pretty mediocre.

Teams just arent going to really win a comp with their 3rd string half in the game.

Had we lost George Williams or Wighton instead of Hodgson, even with Sam Williams now, i think our season would be right now finished. We're **** without one of those guys in terms of a finals run.

Im comfortable with Frawley as a short term 4-6 week maximum option, think we could survive that with him in the line up. But beyond that your fate is just in the hands of the footy gods. Of course that doesnt mean you wouldnt take Sam Williams at the right price who probably lets you get through 8-12 weeks in season and survive and you just hope your guys are back for the finals... but i dont think the back up half spot and upgrading to a better player in that role than Frawley is a major priority.

Id sooner that Sam Williams spot to one of the kids and try and develop that guy. Frawley is an able defender, and a decent enough distributor that if next year we did lose a half, it would be brutal and probably a death blow, but it would be on the remaining half and Hodgson/Starling/Havili to carry us as far as they can.
If you can grab a good back up half that's better than Frawley, at the right price and wants to come and play that role, of course you do it. But we got bigger fish to fry with the roster imo
That's what we said about Hodgson before this season happened. Certainly going into this season, I don't think there was a person who would've considered Wighton or an incoming G Dubs more critical to the function of the team than Hodgson. Even now if you had all three of them at their best, Hodgson is still comfortably the higher rated player IMO.

We've got away with Hodgo being injured because a) Starling is of quite decent quality, and b) because the two halves have the ability to take upon some of the roles and responsibilities that were Hodgo's. If one of our first string halves go down, the other half and Hodgo are more than capable of absorbing that loss, in conjunction with the team altering its strategy and minimising the weakness - provided the backup can hold his own.

Having seen enough of Frawley, if you've got him as the Starling of the halves, you're gonna have a bad time. I would like to think we've got someone to promote, but if not, I'm confident Ricky will bring someone in.
No, I think if the halves go down we’re ****
We got kissed on the dick falling into starling, I don’t think that exists in the halves

So I’m not trying to spent time or money trying to find it
If one of them went down, the others will have to stand up and do their best and where ever that falls it falls. But if we’re forced to use a back up the way we have Starling, I don’t think Frawley vs Sam Williams vs another back up half is going to be the difference between a premiership tilt and not one

This starling thing is not repeatable imo. If George or Jack go down it’s over, Frawley will do his best, the others will do their best and it will not be a long successful finals run... but Imo Sam Williams is about the best back up half you could hope to have and I don’t think even he changes that equation

Better off with a kid with talent, develop him and maybe you get lucky with another Tom Starling situation, as unlikely as that is
This goes back to the debate last season about re-signing Williams or not, and the merits of having a quality back up. In the end we did re-sign him to a multi year deal, and from memory then also brought in Frawley afterwards.

To me, the second string half is far more important in the squad than the eighth or so middle on the depth chart, even though that middle will probably get more game time. If we can't sign a half because we've given that wage to our middle which is looking overstocked, we've **** up.

If Hodgo stays fit and Sam has to come in for one of our halves, I'm very confident we can still go deep into the season. If Sezer were still here and Jack went down, different story. A Williams - Sezer combo isn't strong enough and they showed that IMO.

As a rule of thumb, you need a cover for each starting position in the starting 13. I'm all for having a quality youngster to come through and develop, that's the preference even though the kid likely has no path to FG here, but at the moment I simply don't know who that is or if we have one on the horizon.

Agree to disagree for now, and wait to see what Sticky does.
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Re: Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by Botman »

Yeah look I can absolutely see where you and others of that position are coming from, and plenty of valid points, but yeah i just dont value that role the way you guys do. Agree to disagree.
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Re: Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by zim »

I reckon Subloo would make a good fist of a running 5/8 but without reserve grade it's a bit of an up hill battle. He's one of those guys (and it's one of those positions) that really needs that year of development.
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Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by I'm Bate Man »

I’d love to see a list of backup halves how can slot in and guide a team to a premiership, old alphabet throws a lot of things out there but this is up there with the most far fetched.
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Re: Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by Rick »

For mine if we run into halves problems next year it’s Whitehead to 5/8 or Hodgson to 7 with starling or Havali filling in. That would be enough to get past most sides.

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Bradley Clyde
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Re: Sam Williams being targeted by Wakefield Trinity

Post by afgtnk »

I'm Bate Man wrote: October 15, 2020, 10:09 pm I’d love to see a list of backup halves how can slot in and guide a team to a premiership, old alphabet throws a lot of things out there but this is up there with the most far fetched.

Is Tom Starling the one charged with guiding us to one game short of a Grand Final, or is it the other parts of the spine primarily responsible?

You're right, this is so out there and far fetched. Imagine thinking a combination of two players out of the Hodgson/Wighton/Williams trio, all top 4-5 players in their respective positions, Hodgson at his best comfortably number two, could possibly lead us to a title. My mistake, carry on.
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