Nick Cotric takes early plea, suspended three weeks

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Re: Nick Cotric takes early plea, suspended three weeks

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RedRaider wrote:
August 10, 2019, 7:54 pm
Les Boyd once copped a 15 month suspension for an eye gouge. It cleaned up the disgusting practice for a long time.

Time to get rid of ex-players on the MRC. They have proved they are not up to it. Get a legal eagle on a mission as happened before with Jim Comans and get some rules based sanity back into the judiciary process. If Maguire had copped the suspension Hudson Young had to after his incident we may not be witnessing this ongoing farce. In 2019 League fans have no faith in the NRLs capacity to put a halt to this type of foul play. A repeat offender in a single season needs at least a seasons ban imo. Do we wait until someone loses their sight??
Great post! Couldn’t agree more. I’d even say it would be beneficial if the legal eagle had no interest in league and viewed incidents purely on rules with no consideration to reputations, clubs, sentiments etc - just a factual view of what is the player accused of, what is the rule.

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