Raiders giant jumper

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Brett Mullins
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Raiders giant jumper

Post by Raiders Fan »

Back in 2001 the Raiders had a giant jumper which was kept at the Tuggeranong Hyperdrome for a week for fans to sign. Anyone know what happened to it?
Laurie Daley
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Re: Raiders giant jumper

Post by cat »

i put it in ask a raider, pretty sure Ben would know or be able to ask someone else who would
Fuifui Bradbrad
Gary Belcher
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Re: Raiders giant jumper

Post by Fuifui Bradbrad »

I think they gave it to Tilse. It was the only one that could fit the big guy
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Re: Raiders giant jumper

Post by Northern Raider »

They pulled it out of storage when they signed Dave Taylor
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Brett Mullins
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Re: Raiders giant jumper

Post by CJR »

Northern Raider wrote:They pulled it out of storage when they signed Dave Taylor

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Gerry De La Cruz
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Re: Raiders giant jumper

Post by colin.copeland51 »

Last year or the year before, there was a huge jumper walked around GIO stadium for the old boys reunion. It might be at Raiders HQ I believe. Could be wrong though

Did it look like thisImage

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