AFL killing League

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Gary Belcher
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AFL killing League

Post by papabear »

See Goulds article. ... 1igjb.html

IMO AFL is quickly becoming like America whilst league is the middle east.

The empire is just rolling on through whereever it can not giving a **** about its traditional clubs all with the aim of making more dollars at rugby league and NSW's cultures expense.
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Ricky Stuart
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Re: AFL Killing League

Post by Shadow Boxer »

The death of League has been predicted almost as many times as the awakening of the soccer sleeping giantbut neither ever happens.

The truth is nothing really changes and the respective codes will pick up niche markets in each others terrirtory.
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Don Furner
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Re: AFL killing League

Post by greeneyed »

A completely stupid article from Gould. Borrowing from soccer, what an own goal.
Laurie Daley
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Re: AFL killing League

Post by Begbie »

League will never die - the most exciting game on the planet. My AFL team, the Cats have scored 400 points against about 70 in the last two weeks. In the AFl tipping comp at work I have tipped 25 out of the last 29 games and could name you a handful of players.
David Shillington
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Re: AFL killing league

Post by daz85 »

the afl in my opinion is an utter snore fest! they rave about the skill but its semi organised caos!
Ricky Stuart
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Re: AFL killing League

Post by DJ89 »

I'm divided with what sport I like more out of the 2.

If it wasn't for the raiders I would most certainly say AFL. 2-3 year ago it wouldn't have come close.
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Mal Meninga
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Re: AFL killing League

Post by Raidersrawesome »

Problem with the world there are too many naysayers

Oh AFL sucks too
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Laurie Daley
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Re: AFL killing League

Post by Shezza »

AFL is clearly the better run sport. It's not even close.

League has survived on the fact that it has been a fantastic product on the field. However they are doing their best to kill that. They need to acknowledge that there are so many grey areas in league and embrace it rather than trying to turn it into "black and white" as far as rule interpretation and the like goes. The stripping rule for example.

You can slow it down and watch it 25 times but it's still going to be controversial. Blow the **** whistle and get on with the game.
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