Hardest sports to play

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Re: Hardest sports to play

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Raidersrawesome wrote:Well Badminton has just skyrocketed up the list

Unbelievable video of a badminton fight in Canada

WHEN you think about fist fights in sport, State of Origin, AFL and ice hockey comes immediately to mind. Never would you imagine badminton players to be amongst sport's fiercest brawlers.

An unbelievable scrap broke out during a match between former doubles partners who had represented Thailand at the Olympics overnight.

During a change of ends, Bodin Issara lunged at Maneepong Jongjit, chasing him on to another court before punching him several times.

http://www.news.com.au/sport/more-sport ... 6683556563
Pushing, grabbing each others shirts and generally rolling around like a bunch of pansies comes immediately to mind tbh, not fist fights.

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Re: Hardest sports to play

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Its cause they get fined massively if they fight, hence why they never throw punches

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Re: Hardest sports to play

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They hide their punches by holding the jersey.. But they are fines heavily for fighting. If it were a big hit to the hip pocket in league, you'd not see it there either.

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