The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

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Re: The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

Post by Manbush »

Who needs a board when you have a dirt bike (best bit towards the end)

I bow down to thee oh great Nickman, the wisest of the wise, your political adroitness is unsurpassed, your sagacity is unmatched, your wisdom shines through on this forum amongst us mere mortals as bright as your scalp under the light of a full moon, never shall I doubt your analytical prowess again. You are my hero, my lord, my savior, may you accept my offerings so you continue to bless us with your genius.
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Re: The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

Post by magoo »

Is that for real? If so, it's pretty impressive.

I'm a keen surfer. I don't really follow the world tour. If it's on the tv I'll have a look but it's not the same as being out there amongst it.
Because of dodgy knees surfing is the only fitness/exercise i do these days. It's great fun for novices to professional and everything in between.
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Re: The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

Post by -PJ- »

Former Australian Ironman champion Dean Mercer has died from cardiac arrest after a car accident. He was 47.
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