The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

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Re: The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

Post by Manbush »

Who needs a board when you have a dirt bike (best bit towards the end)

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Re: The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

Post by magoo »

Is that for real? If so, it's pretty impressive.

I'm a keen surfer. I don't really follow the world tour. If it's on the tv I'll have a look but it's not the same as being out there amongst it.
Because of dodgy knees surfing is the only fitness/exercise i do these days. It's great fun for novices to professional and everything in between.

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Re: The Surfing/Bodyboarding Thread

Post by -PJ- »

Former Australian Ironman champion Dean Mercer has died from cardiac arrest after a car accident. He was 47.
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