Among Us session - Whos up for it?

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Among Us session - Whos up for it?

Post by Fuifui Bradbrad »

Hey guys,

Brought this up in the video game thread, anyone interested in being part of the first ever Among Us gaming sesh?
We need 10 people. So far we have

1. Me
2. Botman
3. Sid

I'll create a private game, and share the details in here. Let me know if there's certain maps/rules you prefer

For those unsure of what Among Us is, here's a little video. Down load the app when you're ready

Look forward to seeing you all!
Feel free to call me RickyRicky StickStick if you like. I will also accept Super Fui, King Brad, Kid Dynamite, Chocolate-Thunda... or Brad.

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Re: Among Us session - Whos up for it?

Post by Sid »

I can be on from after 6pm Canberra time

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