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I used to have a pl thread that has gone off the first page.

Though I just read an article which sums up how I feel about the issue.

http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parent ... fec7294aa8

IMO, you should get whatever you paid in your last tax return for 3/4 months up to a cap of say 125k p.a. total gross cost of about 25-30k (keep in mind your going to paying tax on that so the actually amount is a lot less) for highest income, less for lower income. Thus even if you drive ubers, and you can't drive ubers for a while due to the baby you still pick up the mat leave, you aren't left high and drive and get a similar income as to what you were doing driving ubers.

Obviously, if your employer wants to foot the bill the govt shouldn't also be kicking in a second time and even more obviously, if the govt is paying once through a govt department (ie the tax payer), the govt (ie the tax payer ) the shouldnt have to kick in again. You would have the ridiculous situation of the tax payer paying once for your wage, second for your mat leave and third for your centrelink mat leave.

Tieing in two unrelated matters, if people are worried about cost, just cut all govt loans to private tertiary education funders. Shoot two birds with one stone.
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