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Re: The Politics Thread

Post by Rick James »

:lol: Just the kind of Sensationalist story I was expecting - "experts" for both sides who represent the extreme in their views etc etc

I wholeheartedly agree with (what I think was) the overall sentiment - that if you legalise drugs you can makes them safer by regulation. I thought Arnold's idea of solving State financial problems via a Cannibus tax to be particularly forward thinking, but will wait to see if it even gets up. The statistics are particularly interesting surrounding the negative effects of pot vs alcohol or tobacco. Considering Cannibus is already decriminalised in the ACT, I'd say it won't be too long before we have medical cannibus facilities like the US and on to legalised (in some capacity) cannibus in the mid to long term. I think the notion that Heroin should be legalised first has some merit, but I don't think that will happen before the legalisation of pot paves the way for the harder drugs.

By the way Manbush, was that you with the secret identity? :hmmm
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Re: The Politics Thread

Post by Manbush »

Lol mate anyone who knows me knows I'll never be anonymous, if I have a point of view I'm always prepared to put my name to it, even if that will get me in trouble, and how was he anonymous, shows his face but digitalized his voice, mustve been too stoned to realise :lol:

Momentum is gaining, and shows like that will help, for far too long commercial channels have helped push the governments negative propaganda and scare campaign, hopefully this is the start of a change in attitude
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Re: The Politics Thread

Post by The Naked Zombie »

The day I can inject *EDIT* while standing outside Parliament House without fear of being arrested will be a good day.

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Re: The Politics Thread 2009

Post by Notaroboticfish »

Why has this ended up in Welcome and how to join the Greenhouse?

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Re: The Politics Thread 2009

Post by -TW- »

So people know what they are getting themselves into

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