Boys and domestic violence

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David Furner
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Boys and domestic violence

Post by Albi »

In Australia, the number one cause of short/medium term homelessness is women and children fleeing domestic violence. Fortunately many are able to be housed in DV shelters, yet a terrible anomaly exists whereby, as soon as any male children turn 12, they are excluded from the housing.. I've known of several cases of young boys being turned away, or Initially being housed, then subsequently told to leave on their 12th birthday. The mother is then faced with the agonising decision to stay and leave her son to his own devices, or alternatively go with him, exposing herself and other children to homelessness also.

There must be a better way
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Mal Meninga
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Re: Boys and domestic violence

Post by Manbush »

Unforunately I can't argue with you on this one mate, have to agree, the problem is why are they turned away at 12, is it they are considered men and now the enemy?
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Mal Meninga
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Boys and domestic violence

Post by Raidersrawesome »

12 is so young , they are still children and still behave that way.
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Jason Croker
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Boys and domestic violence

Post by pickles »

There are a couple of options for longer term housing for families escaping DV to support them to either stay at home while the perpetrator is removed or be supported in accessing private rental with support. One is called staying home leaving violence and I can't remember what the other one is called... Possibly safe start.

Although these are NSW programs and not sure where you are based.

The problem with most support services is that they are funded under very strict criteria which will always mean excluding some people who would benefit. It is a long time since good organizations were core funded by the government to do what they saw as important.

Family violence is one situation that when people finally muster the courage to leave then there needs to be an open door to them an their children but clearly this isn't the case at the moment.
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Fuifui Bradbrad
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Re: Boys and domestic violence

Post by Fuifui Bradbrad »

Yeah Bega Valley Council adopted the "stay home and let the violence leave" model over 10 years ago. The police remove the offender and do what they can to keep them away. They have had huge success with it.
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Re: Boys and domestic violence

Post by Professor »

Pretty clever way of seeking Police assistance without raising alarm bells inside the house: ... 7106817143
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Brett Mullins
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Re: Boys and domestic violence

Post by bileduct »

We live in a society that, despite the fact that domestic violence is largely reciprocal in nature, views domestic violence as being a problem that only impacts females.

For anyone that disagrees, google Erin Pizzey (the founder of one of the first modern day women's refuges) and see what she has to say about the current state of affairs.
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