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Re: The Travel Thread

Post by -PJ- »

Thanks Sid, you've helped squat really..

Come around and help me drink beer !!
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Re: The Travel Thread

Post by Brewdle »

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Re: The Travel Thread

Post by Sid »

-PJ- wrote:Thanks Sid, you've helped squat really..

Come around and help me drink beer !!
I’m too far away to even help with that! Feeling as useless as Anne Frank’s drumset here
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Re: The Travel Thread

Post by gergreg »

Tell your mate not to waste his money, hand in his passport and go to his local RSL instead.

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Re: The Travel Thread

Post by T_R »

Very possible to get a steak in Vietnam, though it will cost you about 20-30 times more than a local meal.
If you find a cheaper steak, be aware that it's almost certainly water buffalo, and may not be quite what you're expecting.

The real scandal is the lack of decent craft beer.

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