What has made/ruined your day

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Re: What has made/ruined your day

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dubby wrote: November 20, 2020, 6:47 am Made: had a dream with TR in it. Image

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And I get accused of over sharing :lol:
I bow down to thee oh great Nickman, the wisest of the wise, your political adroitness is unsurpassed, your sagacity is unmatched, your wisdom shines through on this forum amongst us mere mortals as bright as your scalp under the light of a full moon, never shall I doubt your analytical prowess again. You are my hero, my lord, my savior, may you accept my offerings so you continue to bless us with your genius.
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Re: What has made/ruined your day

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Captain Punish wrote:
gergreg wrote:
greeneyed wrote:Lucy didn’t last long. As usual.
I bet his wife says something similar.

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She doesn't need to speak. The look of relief that it's over says it all.

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Haha. My wife can't distinguish between when it's begun and when it's finished, so you're one up on me.

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