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Welcome to The Greenhouse

The number one Canberra Raiders supporters website

Welcome to The Greenhouse - a site for Canberra Raiders supporters run by Canberra Raiders supporters - and the biggest Raiders forum anywhere. The Greenhouse is the site which gives you all the Raiders news all in one place.

Here's a few important points that are useful and should be remembered when using the forum.

Accessing the site

You must be a registered user and be logged in to post at The Greenhouse.

Bookmark https://www.thegh.com.au once you have registered, but use this URL if you have problems staying logged into the site:


How to register

Click on the "Register" icon just below The Greenhouse banner and follow the prompts.

You'll be asked for a proposed user name, proposed password, your email address and to answer a simple question, which Canberra Raiders fans should know.

You will not be able to use your new account until you activate it via an activation email sent to the email account you used to register. If you don't receive the activation email... check your "junk mail" folder. It's not junk, but some filters send it there!

New users will be part of the Newly Registered Users Group, and initial posts are subject to review by the moderators, as an anti-spam measure. Once you make a number of initial approved posts, you become a full member and can post without prior approval.

Your password

Please remember, when you select a password for The Greenhouse you should avoid one that is easy to guess. The password should desirably include upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Your profile

Once you are registered, by clicking on the profile icon in the banner, you can add your profile details if you wish, create your own avatar, add your own signature or change your preferences (for example, in relation to the board style).

It helps us to identify you as a genuine new account if you fill in the "Favourite Player" section of your profile when you join.

To ensure you get the correct time displayed on the site, make sure you have the correct GMT+ selection under "Timezone" (GMT+10 for Canberra time in winter months - and select the DST option during daylight saving).

When posting

Please make sure you read the "Disclaimer" thread under the "Welcome and how to join The Greenhouse" heading on the forum before posting for the first time.

You are taken to have read and accepted the terms outlined in the Disclaimer thread before posting on the Greenhouse.

If you are starting a new thread, please ensure the title is correctly spelled and punctuated. All capitals are not permitted, nor are multiple exclamation or question marks, and we do not use "title case" in thread titles, we use "sentence case".

The standard for "headlines" in posts is: Bold, Font size "Huge" ie size 200 , Font colour "Green" ie colour 008000.

As a member, you are taken to have read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Privacy Provisions: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5815

As a new member, you should familiarise yourself with The Greenhouse guidelines:


It is a condition of use of the site that you post within the site guidelines.

Mobile application for The Greenhouse

A mobile app for The Greenhouse is available at tapatalk.com. The application has been made available for users via tapatalk, but The Greenhouse does not derive revenue from it or is in any other way associated with tapatalk.com.

The Greenhouse on other social media

You can also follow The Greenhouse on:

Twitter: @TheGHRaiders
Facebook: @TheGHRaiders
Instagram: @TheGHRaiders
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/theghraiders/

Our specialised twitter feeds are:

Canberra Raiders NRL: @NRLRaidersNews for NRL Raiders news only
Canberra Raiders Pathways: @RaidersPathways for Raiders NSW Cup and Junior Representatives news only
Canberra Raiders Cup: @CanberraCup for Canberra Raiders Cup news only
NRL News Now: @NRLNewsNow for general NRL news only

We also have two Facebook Groups...

The Greenhouse: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1987987504759505/
The Greenhouse Trading Post - Buy, swap and sell: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2394165847509926/

If you have any problems at all, and need help, consult the Frequently Asked Questions section under the FAQ icon or please post your questions on the "Greenhouse Issues" board.

The site runs on a not for profit basis.

We hope you enjoy your time at The Greenhouse, which is the No. 1 Canberra Raiders supporters site on the net!

The Greenhouse Administration
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