2020 NRL Grand Final: Teams and Game Day

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Who will win?

Panthers 13+
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Panthers 1-12
Storm 1-12
Storm 13+
Total votes: 6

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Re: 2020 NRL Grand Final: Teams and Game Day

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Northern Raider wrote: October 27, 2020, 8:56 pm
gangrenous wrote: October 27, 2020, 11:28 am Surprised Kikau has got off quite lightly in the media reporting I’ve seen.

His game really epitomised the first half for the Panthers. He would look dangerous and then finish a play with an impatient decision (pass off the ground) or error (number of knock ons). You can’t do that in a GF against the Storm.

He’s a weapon, but Cleary needs to help him play a bit calmer in the big games.
Kikau was captain **** up for the majority of the game. Became a running joke among us watching on TV: "Kikau's got it. Here comes a turnover." He had an absolute shocker and a big reason Panthers were behind 26-0.

You're right, there's been virtually no media scrutiny of his performance.
The bloke couldn't get off the turf for about 10 minutes after the game. He was devastated. One of the worst GF performances I have seen. As gangers said, there was absolutely zero patience in his game - he played with arrogance (like the Panthers have for much of the season) and it all came unstuck in the only game that really mattered. Cleary's kicking game wasn't 100% either.
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